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Paige has never done any anal before, but she's sure got the London ass for it! She has no idea what it will be like, or that she'll end up loving it from behind! A real wild London Shagger, for the very first time!

Emma is here for one reason only, to get shagged! She's getting a surprise today, she thought she was going to be all by herself! Emma is starting out solo, but she'll be finishing with a nice hard cock... and a nice load of cum in her pussy!

Cheryl is one lucky girl. She's nodded off, only to come to with a handsome tv celebrity in her livingroom... and her wearing nothing but sexy little lingerie. Not to be caught with her nickers in a bunch for nothing, Cheryl is going to take full advantage of his full cumload!

Alyssa Jenkins is so excited to be a part of the London Shaggers, she's about to cream her panties. All the boys in the rainy city fantasize about havin' a roll in her hay, but she's a might particular with her cocks. Nothing but the hardest will do for this
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